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Some notes for reforming Euro and getting up the steam in EU

Some notes for reforming Euro and getting up the steam in EU

by Lasse T. Laine,Uppsala,Sweden,4th dec. 2011

Lasse has since beginning of -70s worked for the developement of the new paradigm of science which he created the grounding ideas for in his series of papers Moments of Oneness and the 1.version of thesis in Theoretical Philosophy,University of Uppsala,1974.

The Swedish newspaper SvD (Svenska Dagbladet) has today very interesting articles.The first one-Andreas Cervenkas-discusses about the silent paradigm change on the EU-financial market.Sorry to say he doesnt know about the work for the new paradigm of science.
Second article describes a very interesting person-Fredrik Hähnel who is working as a bankdirector for SEB in Shanghai.A person with creative kind of profile,with even other interests than money.Iḿ sure we could find one another if Vidorg manages to start a local business in Shanghai-the first M.O.Exchange for Chinese market fe? The third article-the 5th on the series about EU (Slaget om EU) gave me inspiration to skiss a new framework for the reformed Euro.

1. the overall framework of statedept and budget decifiency regulation as already done,could be added with new

2. instruments on the following levels

a. my Structural matrix-theory- a new ecological th. about the relation of society to the nature could create a Theoretical Framework uniting the search solution for reforming the Euro.This kind of framework-due to the theoretical base-could be used by all member states on their own way/interpretation (as a reference) and thus allow both integration aspect and democratic aspect locally.The various scales-on different levels of society-could be connected to the member states rights to get loans from ESSF,EIB etc and the paid rents for these

b. Process framework:to work ready later from Vidorg,is the Euro currency floating situation globally

Institutional aspects are included in the framework to the new Euro above.

3. the economical growth perspective: includes according to me the following:

a. using my M.O (Management Option)-a secure kind of derivate instrument in both on the EU-level-f.e. by EIB(European Investment Bank -I get news from them about various regional projects but havent yet find any which could suit Vidorg as a consulting company) and on local levels by business

b. global cooperation aspect: M.O.Exchanges (se notes above about Shanghai-maybe the 1. M.O. Exchange could be opened there?)

c. a new kind of growth policy (political aspect)- se my NMEP-spiral kind of longterm growth modelling many-dimensionally (created the model during my studies at the Social Planning course at the university of Uppsala 1982

So now the longterm EU-political leaders has got some thoughts to consider if wanting to get up the steam in EU? I would apreciate some notice about these proposals in my wilderness here-fe. notes on local and global economic news or newspapers and why not-a good bottle of wine from both Germany and France-the central states behing interests to get up the growth in EU.

Yours Lasse T. Laine

Copyright Vidorg,Uppsala 2011