Copy of my PES-comment on the proposal for the Financial Sector Transaction Tax

As an PES-activist I got an email to sign the presented petition  for the proposal for the Financial Sector Transaction tax.
Having created groundtheories for a new paradigm of science and deduced from it fe. a new,3 fould secure derivate instrument (M.O.- Management Option,1990) which could have been used by the financial sector,banks,public authorities,companies in their projects,and at the same time creating investing and investment possibilities,I see the proposed tax as a minor way.The current situation or crises in EU isn´t solved-according to me-by further regulation or taxes,but with better instruments (like my company Vidorg´s M.O.) or better theories.This kind of theories could be created on the ground of the new paradigm of science which is more abstract one as it includes the current one as a special case but explaining more and giving new theoretical perspectives,with new kind of philosophical base (view of Man and Reality as factually many-dimensional).
In my new economical theory-by making a synthesis between economic theory and economic anthropology by my new theory of value-I could-according to me-together with my many-dimensional,new ecological theory (so called Structural Matrix-theory,by my abstraction from a famous anthropologist´s empirical work,working on the tradition of Marx and Levi-Straus concerning the relation of Society to Nature),I could propose a reformed Euro.Unfortunately “the media market (together with the political parties) here in Sweden hasn´t commented my proposals or given me democratic discussion posibilities to put forward my ideas on a win-win base,thus even making my work to develope further the new paradigm on my own company bases extremely difficult or impossible,living on the social-economic margin as an alternative thinker here.
This kind of deeper theoretical solutions are needed in order to solve the EU-crises,and the clobal crises too,fe. concerning the Climate one,when the new theories give new perspectives for that kind of work too (see my comment on´s blog during the Copenhagen Climate meeting on my blog (here).


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